Guest Records

It is now compulsory for all hospitality businesses in Wales to keep a record of every member of a group, not just a lead member, for 21 days after a visit and using the NHS Covid-19 App is no longer sufficient (Details Here). As a bookings only restaurant this is unnecessary in my opinion, but unfortunately we are required by law to ask you to provide them below or we will not be able to accommodate your table.

We are very aware that having to move our booking system online, originally to follow last years guidelines, has made the booking process more long winded and this latest decision by the Welsh Government only adds to that. As a restaurant our goal is to provide a warm, welcoming environment and we have spent considerable time making sure we can still do that in a safe and enjoyable way.

Thank you for your patience,


Deposit Terms & Conditions    

  • Deposits are non refundable from midday on Monday.
  • If you cancel your booking before this we will refund your deposit.   
  • If we cancel your booking we will refund your deposit.   
  • If you are not able to make your booking then please let us know as soon as you are able.   
  • Deposits are deducted from your final bill as £10 per diner present, not per table.
  • In the case that numbers change deposits are deducted accordingly, eg. A booking for 6 dining as a 4 will have £40 deducted from the final bill, and we will retain £20 towards our costs